Representing Both Sides

Dual Agency is an interesting concept, as we are representing both the Buyer and the Seller in a real estate transaction. Because of our fiduciary duties as a Realtor® we must keep some information confidential while providing full representation for each client respectively.

However, that is not the complete story. Dual Agency occurs whenever a Buyer and Seller are represented by a single brokerage – not necessarily the same agent or team. If Kathy and Jeff are representing you as the Seller and the Buyer is represented by another agent in the RE/MAX Valley Properties office, Dual Agency still exists.

So, it is normally in a Seller’s best interest to agree to Dual Agency to maximize the exposure of the property to all agents. And, it is also in the Buyer’s best interest to agree to dual agency to enable us to show you every property that meets your needs – no matter which brokerage it is listed with. Here’s a diagram that hopefully better explains Dual Agency and how we handle the process when we are representing both the Buyer and Seller.

Agency Representation Diagram



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