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Kathy2015-1Kathy Harrell is a business owner, experienced negotiator, and knowledgeable consultant, finally doing what she loves to do. During a 36-year career with one of the largest communication organizations in the world, Kathy held a full spectrum of positions in operations, operations management, and labor relations, winning multiple performance and achievement awards and providing a great role model for other women wanting to advance in the organization.

Kathy takes full advantage of the great climate in Green Valley Arizona through golf, hiking, camping, and pickleball, and has a large soft spot for her animals. She is also an avid grandma, enjoying video chats regularly with the grandkids in Colorado.

Jeff2015-1Jeff Harrell is an entrepreneur, technologist, and marketer. He has founded and managed a small business and held many positions at just about every level in both public and private corporations. His extensive experience in business and systems analysis, marketing, and communications has given him a unique blend of skills well-suited for the real estate consulting he provides.

Jeff also enjoys golf, hiking, camping, pickleball, and reading. Recently he has obtained his FAA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilot’s license and combines that with his technology skills to produce aerial and walkthrough videos for each listing.

Kathy and Jeff decided to leave the Colorado winters behind in 2012 and relocate to sunny Green Valley. It was here that they found the perfect mix of a warm climate, an amazing array of indoor and outdoor activities, access to transportation and medical services, and a community with a small town feel.

Each member of our team brings both similar and complimentary skillsets to your real estate transactions. They are great communicators and listeners and are dedicated to applying their knowledge of the local communities to optimize your buying or selling experience. All have achieved great success with their outstanding work ethic, creative problem solving, and attention to detail, and are proud to offer that to you. Throughout their previous careers, all have achieved success through their focus on personal and business relationships and continue to use that approach in their real estate business.

If what we’ve described sounds like what you’re looking for in a Realtor® partnership, contact us. We’d love to chat further and see if there is a good fit in what we offer and what you’re looking for!

Kathy and Jeff

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